New software and firmware for all PLC2011 devices


Soon available on our website: - new software and firmware for all PLC2011 devices Updates include: - firmware for A1, B1, C1 and our new product LMBD4 PLC - software for PC - software for Android - new version of our Elibrary.dll - sample projects for PC and Android Using our Elibrary.dll you can easily create your own mobile application f...

We are proud to announce our new Elibrary.DLL


We are proud to announce the greatest software revolution ever, from the beginning of production of our PLC2011 devices. From now on writing your own native software application, WEB based software, home automation server or making a website with communication capabilities with PLC2011 family for: - Android - iOS (iPhone, iPad) - Windows Ph...

Lmbd3 Combustion analyzer with planar lambda probe


This set includes a planar sensor instead of a universal one. The main pros of the sensor: more accurate measurements, heating time only 30 seconds, less vulnerable to outside temperature changes, three times less electricity used by the sensor's heater. This combustion analyzer is designed to be used with oil, gas and some pellets fired boile...

  • €310.00

PLC2011C1 Intelligent programmable multicontroller


The PLC2011C1 is a programmable controller operated via the internet from PC, mobiles and tablets with Android. Can be used to control different circuits and to data acquisition. It had 56 controlled outputs in total, a 1-Wire BUS for 32 Dallas digital thermometers, 32 temperature regulators with hysteresis, 16 differential thermostates and DMX512 ...

  • €279.00

PLC2011A1 Intelligent programmable internet relay


Programmable relay operated via the Internet using a PC or smartphone or tablet with the Android operating system. With 6 optically isolated binary inputs (110-230VAC or 12-24VDC) and 7 relay outputs with both NO and NC connectors. Built-in multichannel astronomical clock and WWW server. Flexible equation editor instead of lists known from A0 devic...

  • €259.00

PLC2011B1 Intelligent programmable alarm system


Programmable, internet operated alarm system and measuring unit PLC2011B1. 21 inputs/ 84 individually recognized sensors 4 open collector outputs, 2 12V power supply outputs 16 additional outputs/inputs working based on two DS2408 units ( optional ) 1-Wire bus for DS18B20, DS18S20, DS1822 16 built-in temperature regulators (thermostats) with c...

  • €259.00