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PLC2011B1 Intelligent programmable alarm system

Programmable, internet operated alarm system and measuring unit PLC2011B1.
21 inputs/ 84 individually recognized sensors
4 open collector outputs, 2 12V power supply outputs
16 additional outputs/inputs working based on two DS2408 units ( optional )
1-Wire bus for DS18B20, DS18S20, DS1822
16 built-in temperature regulators (thermostats) with cooling and heating options, working with DS18B20 digital thermometers
8 built-in differential thermostats with hysteresis
Built-in timers and Astronomical Timer
Operation via the internet using PCs or mobile phones or tablets with the Android operating system
Has LAN interface with a RJ-45 connector and USB 2.0
Highly encrypted data transmission using AES-256/SHA-256 algorithms
Cooperation with PLC2011A1 and PLC2011C1 Programmable Controllers
Operation of all devices using one software for PC or a mobile device

If you are looking for device with more temperature regulators ( 32 thermostats with hysteresis, 16 differential thermostats with adjustable hysteresis ) check our PLC2011C1.

The PLC2011B1 splendidly serves its purpose as a programmable alarm system and measuring unit. From now on you will be able to view the temperature in every room. Some sensor you can mount under the ceiling as an additional anti-fire alarm and program in such a way that a rise in temperature exceeding given ranges would trigger an alarm.

The PLC2011B1 alarm system, together with the PLC2011A1 and PLC2011C1 Programmable Controllers , will do a great job in replacing expensive and complex Intelligent Home systems that cost a few thousand dollars/euros for the valuation alone.
Please notice that the software is without limits of used copies, the battery charging system is built into the device and all available interfaces are in the price of the product. You do not have to buy anything else except for a gel battery.

The PLC2011B1 Internet Alarm System does not require wall manipulators which drive up the cost of the system and make it more complicated. A seemingly cheap alarm unit needs a few manipulators to be operable. When you value comfort, you need several manipulators costing a couple of hundred euros each. Here you need only a tablet or mobile phone with Android or a PC, devices that everybody possess. Due to this, the PLC2011B1 is cheap both as an investment and during exploatation.

You can control the Internet Alarm System and our other Programmable Controllers using the same software. You can create macro commands for Alarms and Controllers at the same time. Viewing their status and controlling the devices is possible via the internet using tablets or mobile phones with the Android operating system. You can configure the devices via the internet using a PC.

A new option was added for PLC2011B1 Programmable Alarm device. Now you can increase the outputs or inputs number by using 2 output/input modules connected to 1-Wire BUS.

Another new function is available in the newest versions of the software for our device. This function will allow you to use the device as a thermostat. Cooling or heating devices can be connected to our device which will control their operation depending on the temperature. You can set these devices to heat a room up if it’s too cold or cool it down when it’s too hot. You can set up threshold temperatures which when crossed will switch your heater or cooler on or off. The thermostat function requires a DS18B20 thermometer for proper functioning.

Main characteristics:

  • 21 inputs which recognize resistance (parametric)
  • possibility to connect to 84 sensors e.g. door and window reed-switches, motion sensors, flooding sensors, anti-fire sensors, photoresistors
  • every sensor is individually recognized and has a name assigned by the user
  • possibility to program 6 alarm zones and 4 analog alarm zones
  • 4 'open collector' type outputs
  • 2 +12V power-supply outputs
  • 16 outputs working based on two DS2408 units (output/input modules connected using 1-Wire – these are not a part of the package and should be bought if needed)
  • 16 inputs working based on two DS2408 units (output/input modules connected using 1-Wire – these are not a part of the package and should be bought if needed)
  • inputs/outputs connected to the 1-Wire bus must be connected in sets of eight meaning you can connect 8 or 16 additional inputs or 8 or 16 additional outputs or 8 inputs and 8 outputs etc.
  • 1-Wire bus with the possibility to parallel connect 32 DALLAS digital thermometers
  • programming, status viewing and operation via the internet using PCs
  • real-time data transmission and management
  • status viewing and remote control via the internet using mobile devices (phones, tablets) with the Android operating system, up to 30 tablets and PCs at the same time
  • encrypted data transmission – AES-256/SHA-256
  • multichannel astronomical timer which follows sunrises and sunsets and cooperates with a timer built into the device
  • independent real-time clock which is synchronized with time from the internet using NTP
  • Ethernet LAN network RJ-45 10Mbit interface used for remote communication
  • USB 2.0 interface used for configuring the device, synchronizing time and changing the password. This is protected by additional PIN code
  • RS232 interface in TTL standard
  • complex programmable logic of the alarm itself
  • complex yet easy to use control software for PC and Android
  • easy mounting on a DIN rail
  • full intercommunication between PLC2011 devices, the controllers may communicate without the user’s participation, they can send out and receive data from other PLC2011 devices, data from one device may be used to create equations in other devices
  • this device has an easy-to-use, user friendly firmware update function. Frequent firmware updates will accommodate the device to the user’s needs.

New: Thermocouples

All PLC2011 controllers with a 1-wire bus now support thermocouples thanks to a MAX31850 amplifier integrated circuit.
You are able to connect up to 32 thermocouples instead of DS18B20 thermometers.
This opens a wide array of industry applications where extreme temperature (up to 2000 °C) measurments are needed.
You only need to buy a thermocuople – 1-Wire adapter and enter it’s serial number in an empty thermometer field in your PLC2011 or LMBD4 PLC.
All changes are also implemented in the DLL library.

New: Conditional commands (if , then, else) that make building flip flops and latches easier

This is an exemplary command syntax (and it’s description in the square brackets):
((TMP1 ? IN1) : 0) [if (TMP1 != 0) result = IN1; else result = 0;]
((TMP1 ? IN1) : 1) [if (TMP1 != 0) result = IN1; else result = 1;]
((TMP1 ? IN1) : 0) [if (TMP1 != 0) result = IN1; else result = 0;]
((TMP1 ? 1) : 0) [if (TMP1 != 0) result = 1; else result = 0;]
((TMP1 ? IN1) : IN2) [if (TMP1 != 0) result = IN1; else result = IN2;]
((TMP1 ? IN1) : 0) [if (TMP1 != 0) result = IN1; else result = 0;]
(TMP1 ? 1) [if (TMP1 != 0) result = 1;]
(TMP1 ? IN1) [if (TMP1 != 0) result = IN1;]
Conditional functions can be combined using available conditional statements and logical operators.
(((TMP1 & OCO3) ? (IN1 | T2)) : (T9))
((((TMP1 ? IN1) : 0) ? OCO1) : T17)

PLC2011B1 is not a typical programmable logic controller. This is a PLC optimized to work as an alarm and measuring unit. You do not program it in the STL language or build a LAD ladder. It’s a controller programmed by creating logical functions in the form of equations using available variables, intended for people who do not have time to learn how to program relays but who need to carry out a quick modernization of their electrical installation, who want to equip it with additional logical functions, temporal dependencies between circuits but first and foremost who want to control the installation using the Internet without having to worry whether the transmission is safe.

Contents of the package:

  • PLC alarm unit in the form of a module mounted on a DIN rail
  • power-supply unit
  • USB cable
  • a set of resistors to connect all 84 sensors
  • a precise 7.5k resistor to calibrate the inputs
  • spare resistors
  • CD with drivers, the user’s manual and the basic version of the software

The software, firmware, USB drivers and the manual are constantly modified and updated. The ones you receive on your CD may be older than those currently available on the manufacturers website. Please always download the newest versions from the Internet.
Please remember that new software may not always want to cooperate with old firmware written into the device. Please read the readme.txt files every time and update the firmware when required.
Software and firmware updates are free.

We will gladly help with configuring the device. In this case contact us through free Skype communicator. We can also help design an alarm or intelligent-home installation in a newly build or renovated building. It would be good if the alarm system was mounted during the construction as it would be easier to fix any cable damage caused by construction work. There would not be a situation that after the walls are already painted some cables or reed-switches in the windows turn out to be damaged and inactive. It is good to mount the alarm in a sealed box and monitor it’s state during the construction process.


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Materials for download:

Manuals for PLC2011 devices – November 2018 :

Latest software and firmware – November 2018:

We give remote access to devices placed in our company to people interested in buying for the purpose of trying out its capabilities and getting acquainted with the software.
Please contact us on free Skype communicator if you are interested in this option.

US, Canada, Mexico, Australia – € 30,00
EU, Switzerland – € 10,00
Other countries – Please ask before you buy

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