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PLC2011A1 Intelligent programmable internet relay

Programmable relay operated via the Internet using a PC or smartphone or tablet with the Android operating system. With 6 optically isolated binary inputs (110-230VAC or 12-24VDC) and 7 relay outputs with both NO and NC connectors. Built-in multichannel astronomical clock and WWW server. Flexible equation editor instead of lists known from A0 devices. 16 independent timers with equation editors. Highly Encrypted Data Transmission using AES-256/SHA-256 algorithms. LAN interface with RJ-45 and also USB 2.0. Full intercommunication between PLC2011 devices over the LAN. TCP and UDP modbus master over the Ethernet. Control over all PLC2011 devices using one software for PC or mobile devices.

If you are looking for device with more outputs check our PLC2011C1

This device is more than just a simple Programmable Relay or a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).
PLC2011A1 is a PLC controller operated through the Internet and mobile devices and with unique security systems.
We also offer internet operated PLC2011B1 programmable alarm systems and PLC2011C1 multifunctional programmable controllers.
The PLC2011A1 controller, together with our other devices is a perfect substitute for expensive and complex Intelligent Home / Building Management Systems. Instead of costly touchscreens you can use your mobiles, tablets and computers. No other devices are needed to build your own intelligent instalation and control it from any place in the world thanks to an encryption system protecting the sent commands. One set of our devices replaces a dozen times more expensive „system” and at the same time is dozen times easier to install and operate.

A very useful function was added for PLC2011A1 in the software for Android devices.
Now you can convert the readings of your counters to any unit (for example kWh or $) and display them on your mobile or tablet screen.
You will be able to see at any time e.g. how much electricity are you using to heat the water using an electric boiler or how much does it cost.

NOW PLC Communication DLL libraries available for Builder C++, Delphi and VS2010 C# !

PLC2011A1 controllers are great for actions such as controlling garage, rolling and other types of automatic gates. Connected gates can be opened and closed via the internet using a PC, laptop or mobile phone. You can control and chechk the status of the gates in your house, shop or company while being on the other end of the world.
The device is also suited for controlling all kinds of roller shutters or lighting. It is equipped with a built-in AstroTimer which allows you to open/close the shutters or swtich on/off the lights depending on the time of day.
It can work automatically as well as you can control the circuits remotely using a computer, mobile phone or tablet.


  • operated via the Internet using a PC or a phone or tablet with the Android operating system
  • 6 optically isolated binary (two state) inputs (110-230VAC or if requested 12-24VDC)
  • 7 relay outputs with both NO and NC connectors
  • built-in multichannel astronomical clock with timer and a night breaks
  • built-in WWW server
  • LAN interface with RJ-45 and also USB 2.0
  • highly encrypted data transmission using AES-256/SHA-256 algorithms
  • flexible equation editor instead of lists known from A0 devices
  • 16 independent timers with equation editors
  • full intercommunication between PLC2011 devices over the LAN
  • TCP and UDP modbus master over the ethernet
  • control over all PLC2011 devices using one software for PC or mobile devices

The device is easy to use and does not require any knowledge of programming.

Please note that the configuration software does not have a limit of used copies, the battery charging unit is built into the device, every possible interface is in the price of the device. The only thing you need to buy additionally is a gel battery.
All our devices are operated using the same software. You can create macrocommands for many Alarms and Controllers at the same time. You can check the status and operate the devices using mobile phones or tablets with the Android operating system. Configuration is possible via the internet using a computer.

Some of the devices more important features:

  • remote control of electrical circuits and devices through the Internet in a manner ensuring absolute safety
  • automatic operation, without the user’s constant supervision
  • 6 optically isolated binary ( two state ) inputs ( 110-230VAC or if requested 12-24VDC )
  • 7 relay outputs with both NO and NC connectors
  • the mutual relation of phases, frequencies and amplitudes of sinusoidally variable voltages is not important
  • Ethernet 10Mb full duplex interface
  • USB 2.0 interface
  • RS232 TTL interface for communication with extensions
  • advanced operating software for constant monitoring and control
  • built-in WWW server
  • multichannel astronomical clock with timer and night breaks
  • real time clock
  • automatic time synchronization with the Internet via NTP
  • energy consumption of ca. 1W with relays off + ca. 0.45W for every relay
  • built-in gel battery charger
  • connector for a gel battery
  • software in English, German
  • manual in English
  • strong data transmission encryption – AES256
  • password hashing function – SHA256
  • encryption time stamping

New: Conditional commands (if , then, else) that make building flip flops and latches easier

This is an exemplary command syntax (and it’s description in the square brackets):
((TMP1 ? IN1) : 0) [if (TMP1 != 0) result = IN1; else result = 0;]
((TMP1 ? IN1) : 1) [if (TMP1 != 0) result = IN1; else result = 1;]
((TMP1 ? IN1) : 0) [if (TMP1 != 0) result = IN1; else result = 0;]
((TMP1 ? 1) : 0) [if (TMP1 != 0) result = 1; else result = 0;]
((TMP1 ? IN1) : IN2) [if (TMP1 != 0) result = IN1; else result = IN2;]
((TMP1 ? IN1) : 0) [if (TMP1 != 0) result = IN1; else result = 0;]
(TMP1 ? 1) [if (TMP1 != 0) result = 1;]
(TMP1 ? IN1) [if (TMP1 != 0) result = IN1;]
Conditional functions can be combined using available conditional statements and logical operators.
(((TMP1 & OCO3) ? (IN1 | T2)) : (T9))
((((TMP1 ? IN1) : 0) ? OCO1) : T17)

The device was designed with a lot of attention put on safety. An advanced, military strength cryptographic system protects data from being intercepted during transmission and used again, prevents unauthorized access to the device by people trying to impersonate the rightful user. From now on you can safely open gates or roller shutters even from the other side of the planet without fear that an intruder will intercept the Internet transmission and use it to break into your house, open your gate or roller shutters or disarm the alarm. The only thing you cannot do via the Internet is change the password to the device. The password can only be changed when you connect the device to your computer with an USB cable and enter the PIN code.
Used security technologies:

  • hash function SHA-256
  • symmetrical encryption with the AES-256 algorithm
  • cryptographic time stamping

PLC2011A1 has all the interfaces used for communication and no additional cords or adapters are required. Standard computer network wiring is enough for the device to work properly. This type of functionality is not found in any other device available on the market. An ethernet cable is not included in the package.

Programming and operation:
This is not a typical programmable relay. You do not program it in the STL language or build a LAD ladder.
This is a relay programmable by building logic functions using available variables, intended for people who do not have time to learn how to program relays but who need to carry out a quick modernization of their electrical installation, who want to equip it with additional logical functions, temporal dependencies between circuits but first and foremost who want to control the installation using the Internet without having to worry whether the transmission is safe.

Possible applications:

  • to control entry or garage gates at your house, shop, company etc.
  • housing cooperatives – administrators may control a group of relays and regulate lighting or watering of mutual terrain
  • to control how your boiler room works, turn on and off furnaces, pumps
  • watering gardens, pitches, fields, all kinds of green terrain e.g. right after sunset or just before sunrise (controlled with the Astro timer)
  • to control roller shutters, motors, lighting based on the Astro timer
  • automatic and manual control through logical functions, timer and the Astronomical Clock
  • control of the relay over the Internet (switching on/off, programming)
  • supervision and status check using a cell phone or web browser
  • cooperation with access systems, alarms
  • remote starting, shutting down, and restarting of computers, network devices
  • starting power-generators
  • multi-way ( staircase ) switches based on the time of day and night
  • counting people, employees, clients coming in and going out
  • counting electric energy consumption
  • economically efficient control over lighting and heating, keeping them on only when necessary
  • equipping installations and devices with a safe, Internet control system
  • control over water pumps, septic tanks, machine security
  • various applications in industry and residential buildings
  • whenever there is a need of remotely controlling and monitoring something this device will fulfill your needs
  • various other applications that depend on user’s needs, ideas and imagination

Contents of the package:

  • the programmable controller
  • USB cable for connecting the device to a computer ( 1,5 m )
  • 15V Power Supply Unit
  • CD with drivers, the user’s manual and basic version of the software

The software, firmware, USB drivers and the manual are constantly modified and updated. The ones you receive on your CD may be older than those currently available on the manufacturers website. Please always download the newest versions from the Internet.
Please remember that new software may not always want to cooperate with old firmware written into the device. Please read the readme.txt files every time and update the firmware when required.
Software and firmware updates are free.

We will gladly help you to configure the device.
In this case contact us via the free Skype communicator. We will also help you design an alarm or intelligent home installation in a renovated or newly build house.

You do not need to monitor the device after you place it in your electrical box. You operate it via the Internet.
The PLC2011A1 can work automatically, without the users supervision.
You can also control it remotely (switch relays on and off, program, change settings) using the internet (not only using LAN). You do this using the attached software.
Checking the status of the device (inputs, relays) is possible using a web browser in a laptop, PC, netbook or mobile phone.
A detailed description is in the manual – link below.

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Manuals for PLC2011 devices – November 2018 :

Latest software and firmware – November 2018:

People interested in buying can be granted free access to test Relays and Alarms placed in our company if they want to get to know the software and do some test on their features. Please contact us using free Skype communicator.

US, Canada, Mexico, Australia – € 30,00
EU, Switzerland – € 10,00
Other countries – Please ask before you buy