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PLC2011C1 Intelligent programmable multicontroller

The PLC2011C1 is a programmable controller operated via the internet from PC, mobiles and tablets with Android. Can be used to control different circuits and to data acquisition. It had 56 controlled outputs in total, a 1-Wire BUS for 32 Dallas digital thermometers, 32 temperature regulators with hysteresis, 16 differential thermostates and DMX512 BUS for RGB LED lighting, dimming, lighting scenes. MODBUS may be used to expand functionality of other PLC controllers and systems by remote control over the internet using Android. Can send all variables, thermometer readings or output statuses to a different PLC device or computer.

The PLC2011C1 Controller, together with the PLC2011A1 Programmable Controller and the PLC2011B1 Alarm available on our auctions, will do a great job in replacing expensive and complex ”Intelligent Home” systems that cost a few thousand dollars/euros for the valuation alone.

Instead of expensive touch pads you can use cell phones, tablets or computers. No additional device is needed to build your own intelligent installation and control it from any place in the world thanks to an encryption system which protects sent out commands. One set like this replaces a whole ‘system’ which is many times more expensive and is also easier to install and use.

Please notice that the software is free and without limits of used copies, the battery charging system is built into the device and all available interfaces are in the price of the product. You do not have to buy anything else except for a gel battery.

To operate the device you need only a tablet or mobile phone with Android or a PC, devices that everybody possess. Due to this, the PLC2011C1 is cheap both as an investment and during exploitation.

PLC2011C1 controllers are great for controlling all kinds of automatic gates, roller shutters, lighting, temperature measurements and regulation, controlling LED lighting.

The device has a built in astronomical clock which enables automatic control over circuits, lighting or temperature depending on the time of day.
Besides automatic work, any circuit can be remotely controlled using a computer, cell phone or tablet.

Programming and operation:
The device is easy in operation and does not require programming knowledge.
This is not a typical programmable logic controller. You do not program it in the STL language or build a LAD ladder. It’s a controller programmed by creating logical functions in the form of equations using available variables, intended for people who do not have time to learn how to program relays but who need to carry out a quick modernization of their electrical installation, who want to equip it with additional logical functions, temporal dependencies between circuits but first and foremost who want to control the installation using the Internet without having to worry whether the transmission is safe.

More important device features:

  • 24 open collector outputs with NPN Darlington transistors for external relays with 12VDC coils
  • 1 auxiliary power +12 VDC output for relays
  • 32 outputs working based on four DS2408 units (input/output modules connected using 1-Wire – these are not a part of the package and should be bought if needed)
  • 32 inputs working based on four DS2408 units (input/output modules connected using 1-Wire – these are not a part of the package and should be bought if needed)
  • inputs/outputs connected to the 1-Wire bus must be connected in sets of eight meaning you can connect 8, 16, 24 or 32 additional inputs or 8, 16, 24 or 32 additional outputs, 16 inputs and 16 outputs etc.
  • 56 controlled outputs in total
  • PLC2011C1 can control e.g. 28 roller shutters (up/down)
  • every output can work in many ways
  • 1-Wire: bus for 32 Dallas digital thermometers – DS18B20, DS18S20 or DS1822 ( +5V, DQ i GND )
  • 1-Wire: built-in 5VDC voltage stabilizer
  • 1-Wire: 32 temperature regulators (thermostats) with hysteresis which work based on digital thermometers DS18B20, DS18S20 or DS1822
  • 1-Wire: every digital DS thermometer connected to the 1-Wire bus can work as a thermostat with a set hysteresis
  • 1-Wire: 16 built-in differential temperature regulators with adjustable hysteresis
  • 1-Wire: every pair of neighboring digital DS thermometers can work as a differential temperature regulator
  • 1-Wire: hysteresis or differential hysteresis can be set individually for each thermostat
  • 1-Wire: every differential thermostat has an individually programmed minimal and maximal operation temperature
  • 1-Wire: every digital thermometer can be used as a too low temperature alarm (freezing alarm)
  • 1-Wire: every digital thermometer can be used as a too high temperature alarm (fire alarm)
  • 1-Wire: every thermostat can work in cooling and heating mode
  • 1-Wire: every differential thermostat can work in cooling and heating mode at the same time
  • DMX512: bus (protocol) for RGB LED lighting, dimming, lighting scenes
  • DMX512: 128 available channels on DMX 128 bus
  • DMX512: refreshing frequency 175Hz
  • DMX512: lighting scenes editor, own lighting compositions
  • DMX512: operation on a standard RS485 bus
  • DMX512: optically-isolated 12 – 24 VDC input for DMX control
  • Modbus: TCP/IP master via Ethernet / LAN / Internet
  • Modbus: UDP/IP master via the Ethernet / LAN / Internet
  • Modbus: may be used to expand functionality of other PLC controllers and systems by remote control over the internet using Android
  • Modbus: may be used as a bridge between the internet and the local network
  • Modbus: PLC2011C0 can send all variables to a different PLC device or computer
  • Modbus: ability to send out thermometer readings, variables and output statuses
  • built-in multichannel astronomical clock with timers and a night break
  • the device can be operated via the internet using a PC and phones or tablets with the Android operating system
  • RJ45 with LAN interface and USB 2.0
  • data transmission is encrypted using AES-256/SHA-256 algorithms and time stamped
  • flexible equation editor instead of lists known from C0 devices
  • X variables with equation editors
  • full intercommunication between PLC2011 devices over the LAN, the controllers may communicate without the user’s participation, they can send out and receive data from other PLC2011 devices, data from one device may be used to create equations in other devices
  • each device can send data to infinite number of other devices on the LAN
  • all PLC2011 devices are operated using the same software for Android and PC

New: Thermocouples

All PLC2011 controllers with a 1-wire bus now support thermocouples thanks to a MAX31850 amplifier integrated circuit.
Now you are able to connect up to 32 thermocouples instead of DS18B20 thermometers.
This opens a wide array of industry applications where extreme temperature (up to 2000 °C) measurments are needed.
You only need to buy a thermocuople – 1-Wire adapter and enter it’s serial number in an empty thermometer field in your PLC2011 or LMBD4 PLC.
All changes are also implemented in the DLL library.

New: Conditional commands (if , then, else) that make building flip flops and latches easier

This is an exemplary command syntax (and it’s description in the square brackets):
((TMP1 ? IN1) : 0) [if (TMP1 != 0) result = IN1; else result = 0;]
((TMP1 ? IN1) : 1) [if (TMP1 != 0) result = IN1; else result = 1;]
((TMP1 ? IN1) : 0) [if (TMP1 != 0) result = IN1; else result = 0;]
((TMP1 ? 1) : 0) [if (TMP1 != 0) result = 1; else result = 0;]
((TMP1 ? IN1) : IN2) [if (TMP1 != 0) result = IN1; else result = IN2;]
((TMP1 ? IN1) : 0) [if (TMP1 != 0) result = IN1; else result = 0;]
(TMP1 ? 1) [if (TMP1 != 0) result = 1;]
(TMP1 ? IN1) [if (TMP1 != 0) result = IN1;]
Conditional functions can be combined using available conditional statements and logical operators.
(((TMP1 & OCO3) ? (IN1 | T2)) : (T9))
((((TMP1 ? IN1) : 0) ? OCO1) : T17)

Possible applications:

  • to connect an existing network based on PLC (or other systems) to the internet – control via the internet
  • internet control data conversion to Modbus TCP or UDP via ethernet
  • temperature measurements
  • temperature regulation – thermostats
  • control over numerous circuits – gates, roller shutters, lighting, pumps, engines etc.
  • control over LED lighting – lighting scenes, brightening, dimming – see how it works
  • control over circuits based on an astronomical clock and timers, automatic switching on/off depending on the time of day
  • circuit remote control via the internet using phones, computers or tablets

The controller is also for use in industries, factories or plants.

A few words about safety:
The device was designed with a lot of attention put on safety. An advanced, military strength cryptographic system protects data from being intercepted during transmission and used again, prevents unauthorized access to the device by people trying to impersonate the rightful user. From now on you can safely open gates or roller shutters even on the other side of the planet without fear that an intruder will intercept the Internet transmission and use it to break into your house, open your gate or roller shutters or disarm the alarm. The only thing you cannot do over the internet is change the device password. You can do that only over a USB connection when you are physically present beside the device and after you enter an additional PIN code.
Used security technologies:

  • hash function SHA-256
  • symmetrical encryption with the AES-256 algorithm
  • cryptographic time stamping

PLC2011C1 has all the interfaces used for communication and no additional cords or adapters are required. Standard computer network wiring is enough for the device to work properly. This type of functionality is not found in any other device available on the market. An ethernet cable is not included in the package.

The software, firmware, USB drivers and the manual are constantly modified and updated. The ones you receive on your CD may be older than those currently available on the manufacturers website. Please always download the newest versions from the Internet.
Please remember that new software may not always want to cooperate with old firmware written into the device. Please read the readme.txt files every time and update the firmware when required.
Software and firmware updates are free.

We will gladly help you to configure the device.
In this case contact us via the free Skype communicator. We will also help you design an alarm or intelligent home installation in a renovated or newly build house.
We advise to install the device during the construction phase because it will be easier to fix any damages to the installation done during the construction work. It will eliminate situations where you discover that certain cables do not work only after you have fully painting and decorating your walls.
The device should be placed in a sealed electrical box and the state of the installation should be monitored from time to time as the construction progresses.

You do not need to monitor the device after you place it in your electrical box. You operate it via the Internet.
The PLC2011A1 can work automatically, without the users supervision.
You can also control it remotely (switch relays on and off, program, change settings) using the internet (not only using LAN). You do this using the attached software.
Checking the status of the device (inputs, relays) is possible using a web browser in a laptop, PC, netbook or mobile phone.
A detailed description is in the manual – link below.

Contents of the package:

  • PLC2011C1 device in the form of a module mounted on a DIN rail
  • USB cable for connecting the device to a computer ( 1,5 m )
  • a set of resistors and diodes
  • spare resistors
  • 15V Power Supply Unit
  • CD with drivers, the user’s manual and basic version of the software

Firmware update:

NOTE1: All previous settings will be lost. You should write down or do screenshots of every screen in the PC software, espacially the thermometer serial numbers.
NOTE2: You should not reload the configuration using a *.ccr file. All settings should be done manually. A CCR file from an older version will not work with new firmware and will only cause havoc in the settings.
NOTE3: You should treat the device as in had never been programmed before and all settings must be done manually. Set IP addresses will not change.

1. Write the appropraite firmware.
2. Enter :
– inputs/outputs – click defaults and save
– Modbus – click defaults and save
– BUS (1-Wire, thermometers) – click defautls/clear and save
– Astro Timer – click defaults and save
– DMX – click defaults and save in each, consecutive tab
3. Enjoy your device’s new capabilities

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Materials for download:

Manuals for PLC2011 devices – November 2018 :

Latest software and firmware – November 2018:

People interested in buying can be granted free access to test Relays and Alarms placed in our company if they want to get to know the software and do some test on their features. Please contact us using free Skype communicator.

Libraries in DLL files for Builder C++, Delphi and C# are available for programmers.

For details contact „hddkey” on Skype .

US, Canada, Mexico, Australia – € 30,00
EU, Switzerland – € 10,00
Other countries – Please ask before you buy