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LMBD4PLC Internet Operated Combustion Analyzer and Programmable Controller


LMBD4 PLC is a simple and reliable way to keep ever growing heating expenses down.

A cheap, robust and simple to use combustion analyzer for oil, gas or other burners with a closed combustion chamber and fan equipped burners. Also for pellet, coal,
coal dust or firewood furnaces as well as for fireplaces, furnaces with and without a feeder.

Lambda measurement range in the expanded version is now 1 – 4 which corresponds to 15.75% of oxygen.

Now our device comes with new additional functions:

– programming, controlling and monitoring our devices via the internet using computers and Android devices ( smartphones and tablets )
– real time data transmission
– full communication with all PLC2011 controllers, devices can communicate with each other without the user’s supervision
– AES-256/SHA-256 data encryption
– multichannel astronomical clock tracking sunrise and sunset times, cooperating with the device’s built-in timer

– 1-wire bus

– option to add two input/output modules controlled by DS2408 units using 1-wire (modules need to be bought separately). In this configuration the outputs and inputs work in groups of eight, you can have 8 or 16 additional outputs or 8 or 16 additional inputs connected by the 1-Wire bus
– option to add up to 32 digital DALLAS thermometers DS18B20, DS18S20 or DS1822
– every digital thermometer connected by the 1-wire bus can be used as a thermostat with a set hysteresis
– heating control (e.g. floor heating)
– 16 built in thermostats
– 8 differential temperature regulators with set hysteresis
– every pair of neighboring digital thermometers can work as a differential temperature regulator
– option to set a hysteresis or differential hysteresis for each thermostat
– each differential thermostat has an individually set minimal and maximal temperature
– each digital thermometer can work as a high temperature alarm, fire alarm
– each thermostat can work in a heating and cooling mode
– each differential thermostat can work in both the heating and cooling mode simultaneously
– thermocouples
– thermocouple control using MAX31850 / MAX31851 amplifiers
– option to connect up to 32 thermocouples instead of DS18B20 thermometers. This opens up an array of industrial applications where the temperature rise up to 2000 °C . You only need to buy a 1-wire thermocouple module and enter it’s serial number into one of the thermometer fields
– every thermocouple type (K, J, N, T, S, R, E) can be used
– thermocouples allow to measure very low or very high temperatures in an industrial environment where typical industrial thermocouples come at a very high cost. Using our device you can connect up to 32 of them, mix them with DS18 sensors and relay measurements using modbus, read them using DLL, have readings in your phone or simple process them in your device
– automatic compensation of cold junction

– MODBUS TCP/IP master via Ethernet/LAN/Internet
– MODBUS UDP/IP master via Ethernet/LAN/Internet

– can be used to expand other PLC devices and systems functionality by remote control over devices using the internet on Android devices

– LMBD4PLC can send out all variables, thermometer readings, output statuses to other PLC or computer

– LMBD4PLC has 4MB Flash memory where all work parameters from the last 9 days are stored

– LMBD 4PLC can also be used to control several boiler rooms simultaneously from one central location

What else can control using LMBD4?

As this device is a combination of an analyzer and PLC controller you can, with the help of a computer or mobile phone, use it for controlling:

– pumps such as hot water circulation pumps
– floor heating
– hot water tank control in several points
– switching furnaces into economy mode
– control over 8-16 circuits using relays
– reading the status of 8-16 different circuits
– lighting
– garage gates
– alarms of different manufacturers
– flood sensors, smoke sensors
– solar panels, heat buffers, window shutters
– everything that can be controlled using relays

If you provide maintenance services you can oversee the boiler rooms of all of your clients, remotely restart the furnace or switch it’s parameters. You can view whether the furnace is working correctly or was there a malfunction. It depends only on how you do connections for the device.


Our combustion analyzer is a complete solution if you need to set or maintain efficiency of your boiler or furnace.
It enables you to test, measure and set up your boiler’s or furnace’s combustion process by yourself and without having to pay for expensive servicing. It also helps you to reduce the amount of fuel used as it helps you to properly set up oxygen to fuel ratio, carbon dioxide level and excess of air in the combustion process.

Our analyzer is recommended for:
– installers, servicemen – after installing in a client’s boiler room it enables constant monitoring of the furnace’s behavior, allows the client to spot any irregularities and call for technical support before a defect occurs or the furnace stops working (especially important in big investments)
– individuals who want to monitor their furnace’s behavior by themselves, without paying for expensive maintenance services. It allows to reduce the amount of burnt fuel thanks to the ability of regulating and then monitoring the burners settings

The benefits of setting up the boiler or furnace properly can be seen almost instantly. It allows you to save a really big amount of fuel during the heating season if you keep lambda/oxygen level in the exhaust flue stream not too high. Also using this device is very cheap as you only need a Pt-100 platinum resistor temperature sensor that is available cheaply on various Internet auctions.

Remember that you have to adjust combustion parameters every time when you fill your tanks with new fuel delivery and every cleaning/maintenance or even every some days when atmospheric pressure and humidity change.

This set includes a planar lambda probe instead of a universal one.
The main pros of the planar probe:

  • more accurate measurements
  • heating time only 30 seconds
  • less vulnerable to outside temperature changes
  • three times less electricity used by the sensor’s heater

In what way can you control and lower the costs of fuel?
It is easy.
Our device offers you 4 types of counters:

  • BURNER “ON” TIME counter (%)
  • BURNT FUEL counter (liter or USgallon)

You can evaluate and compare data from last hour, day or week.

At your disposal you also have an “infinite” counter which you can reset e.g. after everytime the tank is filled or at the start of the heating season etc.

A useful feature is the graphic low-fuel-level alarm ( the desired alarm level you can set by yourself ) and the information on how many days we have a supply of fuel in the tanks.

All the calculations are based on the devices inner counter which works whether the analyzer is connected to a computer or not.
For the readings to be carried out you first need to enter the configuration parameters such as nozzle size, fuel price or tank size.
Counters and meters can be reset at any time.
This tab of the program helps you to analyze and plan the costs of buying fuel and heating.

We also give you a set of tools for an advanced analysis and ability to log to file the parameters of the combustion proces.


The log begins when you check the START RECORDING box and click the LOG TO FILE switch.
You can:
– watch the log on the fly on your monitor in the ANALYSIS window
– write to file all available parameters

Two files are generated:
– a .txt text document which you can import e.g. to Excell for further analysis
– an .elk file which you can load in the program and view it at any time on your monitor

Parameters of combustion process that can be recorded:

  • O2
  • CO2
  • Lambda
  • Efficiency
  • Gas temperature
  • Two temperatures ( eg. boiler room and outside )

You can also record:

  • 1-wire inputs/outputs status
  • 8 x 1-wire thermometer status
  • the amount of time left ( in days) before you run out of fuel


You can record all of these parameters at the same times or pick only the ones you want.

Software is ENGLISH and supports both Celsius and Fahrenheit scales.

The device comes with:

    • calibrated lambda probe (oxygen sensor)
    • a power-supply unit
    • an USB cable
    • CD with software, drivers and a manual
    • a nut (thread 18mm x 1.5mm) made from stainless steel used to install the lambda probe

The flue gas temperature sensor ( Pt100 ) is not included in the package.

In the newest firmware you can find new functionality: intelligent weather compensation.


Manuals for PLC2011 devices – November 2018 :

Latest software and firmware – November 2018:

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