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Low-voltage switchboard and advanced automation production

Low-voltage switchboard and advanced automation production.

–  Industry automation
– Building automation
– Automatic Transfer Switch Systems
– Back-up power supply
– Ventilation
– Air-conditioning
– Control over manufacturing processes
– Measuring installations
– Alarm systems
– Automatization of existing machines and devices
– Green energy from sun, wind or water
– Multiple other applications
– Switchboards can be controlled and monitored over the internet
– Technical advice
– Warranty and post-warranty service

We can produce any switchboard based on the client’s chosen components eg. PLCs. We do not favor any manufacturers and we do not pressure clients into using certain types of devices. We can produce switchboard software which will become it’s integral part.

With each switchboard we offer without any further license payments:
– Visualization and control software for PC
– Visualization and control software for Android devices
– Library for programmers in C#
– RESTful API (Representational State Transfer) service for converting JSON data into the controllers native API
– The client can write his own software without any charge based on free DLL for our PLC2011 and LMBD4 devices
– To cut costs the client is not obliged to buy chargeable programming software as we prefer working with free and usually open-source tools and databases

Examples of applications include:
– Measuring temperatures in refrigerators in a market network and saving readings to a database in the company’s HQ
– Pumping station control
– Control and monitoring of several boiler rooms
– Temperature and lighting control in workplaces
– Machine control
– Energy routing and control

We intend to produce complicated switchboards working in the internet or a local, isolated network. Such where teleinformatic safety is of top priority. We can also improve existing switchboards adding functions like remote control or measuring systems.

We are interested in complicated projects such where others said they are not able to produce them.

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