We do not use cookies. But external pages may leave cookies on your browser. We do not use spyware technology. Anonymous contacts provide some instant messaging and chat with us.

Chat with me

The chat is now working, although you need a modern web-browser to use it. To start click the „Log In” button and to be logged in. The logging data will already be entered. Next, choose and click an active respondent from the list presented. Pick just one, do not click all the positions at once. This is when connection will be attempted and if all goes well you will be able to start writing in the left window of the chat. Your browser may seem to freeze for some time, especially when you use older computers or tablets. Sometimes you will need to click a „Wait” button when your browser displays information about the script working slowly. Do not stop the script, simply wait. It can take from a couple of seconds on new computers to up to three minutes on old tablets. After connection is achieved you will be asked to answer an easy riddle (eg. 2+2=?) to verify that you are not a robot. Solve the equation and enter only the result (in this case „4”). If you are inactive for five minutes or exit the chat sub-page, the connection will be lost. You do not close the chat itself. You should simply switch to a different page or close the browser window.
Small phone displays should be rotated horizontally as otherwise you may not see the chat window.
Web-browser in the version stated below or newer are necessary:

Desktop browsers:
Firefox (Gecko) 21
Chrome 11
All new derivatives of the Chromium, Iron Browser and Gecko browsers
Opera 15
Safari 3.1

Up-to-date mobile browsers:
Chrome app 23
Firefox Mobile (Gecko) 21
Safari IOS6
Dolphin Browser

Because this is new technology it may happen that your browser will not display the chat window or some options will not work. This is a result of the lack of some programming functions in the browser itself.
May not work:
Default Android Browser
IE Mobile
Opera Mobile

Currently you can choose from support1 and support2 on the contact list.
If neither of these contacts is online at the given moment, please try again a little later.