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We are proud to announce our new Elibrary.dll

We are proud to announce the greatest software revolution ever, from the beginning of production of our PLC2011 devices.

From now on writing your own native software application, WEB based software, home automation server or making a website with communication capabilities with PLC2011 family for:

– Android
– iOS (iPhone, iPad)
– Windows Phone
– PC
– Linux
– Raspberry PI
– and more…

can’t be easier!

Look at the pictures below:


We created a new compatible version of our Elibrary.DLL dynamic loadable library which is used as a resource for Visual Studio Community 2015 in order to write software in the C# programming language for all platforms listed above!


If you are a C# or .NET developer you can use our library to write your own software in minutes. You don’t need to care about communication, network, encryption or anything like that. Our library will do everything for you.

If you are our customer and if you possess at least one of our products you will get the library for free and we will teach you how to use it via Skype. We will give you example C# projects for PC and Android, such that you would write your own mobile app within 10 minutes.


For more detail contact us by e-mail , Skype etc.

This is how it looks on Android device.


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